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A Meditation Collection

Michelle Rose Tucker

A Meditation Collection
Collection of 4 Songs and 4 Poems

Subtle warmth
Delicate veil of white glow
Give her a prism and she’ll reveal her true essence
Her spectrum, beautiful and vulnerable
Strengthened in the security of a gentle rain

Days gone by
But you never truly forget
Restless winds
Bare branches
Then a glimpse of warm light

Beauty is seen clear as day
Under the light of the moon
Still the memory of face to face
Under earth’s blanket of mystic blue
Nothing seems out of place
Under the light of the moon

Can you tell me a treasured thought?
Raw, unfiltered bit of your heart?
As velvety as first light’s reflection
On a still lake
As uninhibited as a gentle breeze connecting
With a fallen leaf
I want to hear a thought like that
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    Light 5:27
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    Bare 5:14
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    Mystic 15:51
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